The Most Potent Herb From The Mountain Of Himalaya


Sno Mountain Garlic

   Sno Mountain Garlic is the most unique rare herb on earth as it can only be grown successfully into a full plant in the snow mountain of the Himalayas at 6,000 feet above sea level and where oxygen is much less.

   This specie has the ability to survive in very little oxygen and in extremely cold environment up to -10 degree C. When spring arrives, the melting snow provided more than adequate water for enhanced plant maturity.  Thus, the garlic bulb contains water/liquid from the Himalayan snow in its purest natural form.

   Because of its ability to increase plant vessel capillary action viz. to transport soil nutrients to the top most part of the plant for maximum growth, Sno Mountain Garlic is observed to be a very efficient vessel dilator for improved blood vessel health and performance for human vital senses and organs.

   It is in this research for a period of 4 years that Sno Mountain Garlic is now cultivated for global consumption.

   In addition, the regular consumption of it which primarily dilates the blood vessels enhances physical potency. In garlic growing regions throughout the world, experts have linked longevity to garlic consumption.

   There are compounds that provide potent antibacterial properties ( Allicin . It increases bowel movements so as to regulate metabolism and assist in the discharge of toxic food residuals.

   Unlike other PROCESSED garlic in capsules / pills / powder / soft gels/ concentrate comes in natural wholesome goodness. It comes TO YOU in hard shelled bulbs - Designed by NATURE to preserve its therapeutic values.

   Our modern lifestyle in eating habits and methods of food preparation have created unknown toxins which affect our body resulting in sickness and diseases. These modern diseases, unheard of centuries ago, can be managed through the consumption of this wonderful new product in its pristine, natural form - direct from the Himalayas.


Sno Mountain Garlic From India

 1 Month Supply - (about 140 bulbs) - $18.00 

Sno Mountain Garlic - 1 Month Supply ( about 140 bulbs) - $18.00 

Sno Mountain Garlic From India

 1 Pound - (about 140 bulbs) - $99.00 

Sno Mountain Garlic - 1 Pound - $99.00